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Play Rugby Union For Eltham

JUNIORS > 5 years
SENIORS > 18 years
VETERANS > 35 years


Rugby Union offers games for everyone aged 5 or more irrespective of gender, size, or ability. Our sport in its multitude of forms prides itself on inclusion and through our Rugby Victoria and Rugby Australia affiliation we can always find a rugby team that suits your recreation needs.

At Eltham we offer a graduated pathway to Rugby XVs, our youngest players (5 – 8 years) play non-contact rugby 7s and progress via rule changes to a more familiar version of the XV game at age 12.

Games are mostly played May to September on Saturdays. Juniors in the morning with seniors and masters in the afternoon. Training schedules vary with each team, but it is possible to part of the action and just train with “your team”. “Training only” (insurance) costs just $15 a junior and $25 an adult for the whole year!!

Full 2024 playing membership of Eltham, State and National Unions, with insurance, team fees, referee fees and your club kit, costs in the range of $173 to $395, with discounts for families, university students and apprentices.

If playing is not for you our small sport community can offer lots of fulfilling volunteer roles. Our clubhouse is usually open on a Thursday evening at 58 Bridge Street, Eltham. Please feel welcome to come and meet our friendly members, who are united by a passion for Rugby Union.